Another Developer Suggests DX12 Could Benefit Xbox One

Yet another developer has come forward and suggested DirectX 12 could benefit Xbox One game development.

Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom [developers of The Park], went on record to discuss how DX12 could improve Xbox One game performance.

“So, DirectX12 on PC and DirectX12 on Xbox One are slightly different propositions,” Bylos stated. “The bottleneck on Xbox One is the GPU and DirectX12 is not a magical panacea which will suddenly remove that bottleneck,” he added.

Bylos clarified, “So the primary advantage of DX12 on Xbox One, in my opinion, will be the optimized draw call pipeline. Which means more things happening on screen – but not necessarily faster or prettier things.”

The developer did note that DX12 could help Xbox One widen its CPU processing power advantage over the PS4, even though the latter’s GPU is somewhat superior.

“If anything it widens the gap between the CPU on the Xbox One and the PS4, giving the Xbox One a larger advantage in the area where it already had one,” Bylos said.

The Xbox One has a better CPU than PS4, though Sony recently tried to optimize through their own SDK update.

This adds to an increasing number of developers commenting on DirectX 12’s potential benefits for Xbox One. Microsoft should release comparisons (pre and post DX 12 implementation) to the public in order to present the new API’s possible benefits.

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