Allison Road making its way to Consoles?

Is Allison Road making its way to Xbox One? The game is currently being produced for the PC platform, but there’s a good chance that it’ll sneak onto the Xbox One and PS4 at some point in the future.

Well recently during an interview the developer hinted towards the possibility of Allison Road on home consoles. When asked if there were any plans to release the horror game on Microsoft’s Xbox One or Sony’s PS4 the developer stated that he’s “talking to [email protected] and PlayStation” and that while he can’t confirm anything right now the talks are “ongoing.”

Most Console owners were disheartened when Konami decided to scrap Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills. The demo, P.T, was well received by horror fans. It’s not often games make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy but P.T really set the stage for what all horror are all about. Allison Road is an Indie game that aims to bring the tension of P.T but it will combine old school and adventure game mechanics with next generation visuals

Unfortunately P.T wasn’t to be… But now we have Allison Road.

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The game is currently on steam green light for the PC platform, but as we know Allison road is in communication with [email protected] which is great we should be expecting a demo of the game Q4 2015, check the video out below and make sure your lights are off.


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