Adachi to Shimamura Gets an Anime Adaptation

Another light novel from Hitoma Iruma will be getting an anime adaptation. Following one of his previous works, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl which debuted back in 2011. Now Adachi to Shimaru will have its time to shine. If you’re unfamiliar with Adachi to Shimamura, the story follows two girls, Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura. The two high school girls became friends after they meet on the second floor of the gymnasium in their school. They spend their time talking about cooking, friendship, tv shows, and ping pong.

Adachi to Shimamura-TICGN

As the two progress their friendship Adachi starts to feel differently about Shimamura. Unable to get over the feelings inside Adachi starts to spend time with her friend a little differently. At this time there is no information on when the series will release but we will update you as soon as it is available. Are you excited for Adachi to Shimamura anime? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Crunchyroll



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