Black Panther Stays on Top of A Wrinkle in Time

I was wrong about this weekend. I can admit that. I thought that A Wrinkle in Time would actually have the ability to overtake Black Panther at the box office. It seems that the latest Marvel fim just hasn’t run out of steam yet.

A Wrinkle in Time is the story of a young girl traveling through time and space to save her father. The movie grossed $33 million in its opening weekend. The movie may not even break $100 million in box office sales. From the trailers, this actually looks like an enjoyable family movie. Sometimes a movie just doesn’t do well. Some of the other movies that were released this weekend didn’t do any better. Strangers: Prey at Night grossed $10.4 million while Hurricane Heist, Gringo, and Thoroughbreds¬†grossed under well under $10 million together.¬†Thoroughbreds actually only opened in 549 theaters; the movie is being touted as a Heathers 2.0 (meaning an older teen movie). Yesterday we reported that Black Panther has grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide; this is the first movie of 2018 to do so. Expect some of the upcoming Marvel movies to do the same. Hell, I would even bet that DC’s Aquaman might break that mark. Remember, all of these numbers are still an estimated amount – the end number doesn’t often change that much.


Weekend Top Five

5. Game Night $7.9 million

4. Red Sparrow $8.1 million

3. Strangers:Prey at Night $10.4 million

2. A Wrinkle in Time $33 million

1. Black Panther $41 million

Next weekend, the video game adaption of Tomb Raider will make its debut. This is a second go at the franchise. Love, Simon and I Can Only Imagine also come out next weekend. It looks like that maybe it will actually take a little longer to topple Black Panther. Pacific Rim 2 could be that movie when it is released on March 23rd.

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