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A New Dragon Ball Movie is in the Works

As we all know the latest film in the Dragon Ball franchise Dragon Ball Super: Broly became a phenomenon bringing old and new fans back to the series. In a recent interview with Akio Iyouko who is an editor at Shueisha, and Norihiro Hayashida announced that another film is in the works. Iyouko goes on to say that “We are steadily working towards the next Dragon Ball movie. Since Broly was way too strong, I think maybe next time we will head in a different direction.”

Hayashida continued by saying that “When we raised the bar for the movie, we came to realize a few things. That the staffing, casting, and various other things for the movie were so good that it can’t get any better than this, but… Due to this experience, we will make things even better next time.”  So there you have it, knowing that some things could be better I am thoroughly looking forward to the next film. Hopefully whoever the villain maybe next time around won’t be too overpowered. If you want to check out the rest of the interview we have it for you below. But let us know what you think about the interview in the comment section below and are you looking forward to the next Dragon Ball film.

Source: KenXyro Twitter

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