A Custom Gears 5 Xbox One X May Have Just Leaked

The hype for Gears 5 has certainly been getting higher and higher every week over the past month. Between a steady flow of live streams showing off gameplay, and two full weekend servers tests. Fans are getting very hyped for the Coalitions next game in the Gears franchise. Many people myself included have wondered why Xbox hasn’t done any jawdropping custom Xbox One X’s since the console’s launch in 2017. Keeping in mind that Xbox had an amazing custom Gears 4 Xbox One S, and the legendary R2D2 Xbox 360, it seemed odd that the premier Xbox One X hadn’t gotten a truly stunning custom console yet. However, it looks like this may change. In a leak from Amazon Italy, it appears Gears fans will be getting a truly awesome custom Xbox One X when the game launches in September. In the product details, we learn that the bundle will include all of the prior Gears games, a custom controller, as well as a month of Xbox Live Gold as well as Xbox Game Pass. While there is no official announcement yet from Microsoft, with Gears 5 just around the corner, there is no doubt we will be hearing about this in the upcoming weeks, most likely at Gamescom.


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