Baldurs Gate 3 Looks Fantastic In First Gameplay Reveal

Check out the world premiere gameplay reveal of Baldur’s Gate 3, live from PAX East!

Xbox 1st Party Diversifies Their Next-Gen Library

For all the complaints of Xbox’s 1st party line up over this generation, one of the biggest issues I had in my opinion was its diversity in games. Honestly I believe that their flagship games, though a bit lacking in…

Join The Ticgamesnetwork Media Team

Ticgamesnetwork are looking for writers and reviewers to join our media team with the opportunity to attend gaming events, conversate with developers and cover new releases. The opportunity to intern or join the team on a consistent basis is available…

TiCGames Network Subscriber Reward Winners

TiCGames Network Subscriber Reward – As the month comes to a close, we carefully evaluated our subscribers who have supported and tuned in each week to our Youtube shows & have chosen our winners for the month of January. TiC…

Battlefield V Teaser Trailer

Battlefield V teaser trailers and reveal date announcement,