Weekly Roundup

We are back with another Weekly Roundup for all of you! This time we’ve got some interesting tid bits that hit the mainstream eyes, but other than that there really hasn’t been too much to ogle at. We’ve got the low down on a possible Crackdown 3 release date move, Witcher author demands more money, Google game streaming and more!



A Worthy Partnership

Looks like Warner Bros. Entertainment is taking up the responsibility again for distribution of CD Projekt Red games! Each time this happens though, the game releases soon after. Hmmm!

Warner Bros. Will Distribute Cyberpunk 2077 in North America

Deserving Or Not?

The author of the acclaimed Witcher series is demanding a whole lot more money now from developers CD Projekt Red, $16 million more. After the major success of the series, does he deserve this potential chunk of change?

Author of the Witcher Novels Demands More Money, CD Projekt Responds

A Magical Leak?

To literally everyone’s surprise, there was leaked footage of an unannounced harry Potter RPG like game being developed by Warner Brothers Entertainment. This is.. unexpected, yet delightful for the harry Potter fan!

Footage of Harry Potter RPG Possibly Leaked

Browser Based Gaming?

Google announced that they are currently Beta testing streaming (of all games, they picked AC: Odyssey). You can currently sign up to test for them right now, with some very minimal requirements. Could this be their actual stepping stone into the games industry?

Google to stream Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey to Chrome browsers for testing game streaming service (Update)

Some Hope Shines Through

A angel descended from heaven in the form of Skybound Games. They announced that they are taking up the challenge of finish TellTale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Gamers abound can rejoice that they will finally be able to finish this entrapping story.

Telltale Games Reaches Deal With Skybound Games to Finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Just A Few Days

Microsoft never fully confirmed the release date of Crackdown 3,  but recently it was spotted on the windows story having an actual specific release date aside from the heavily rumored Feb 22nd date.

Crackdown 3 Release Date Has Possibly Been Pushed Back?


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