Starbreeze Studios, based in Stockholm, Sweden is the studio responsible for publishing the recent game Overkill’s the Walking Dead and the more successful Payday 2. Shocking new events have seen Starbreeze Studios raided by SECA (Swedish Economic Crime Authority) this morning on suspicion of “Insider Crimes”. Multiple news outlets such as Variety have been reporting on the story as it develops.

Starbreeze Studios raided by SECA:

Variety also reports that the finance manager and CEO both sold their stock in the company in November. SECA arrested one person and removed computers and documents. While the studio is filing for reconstruction, replacing their CEO, and are facing financial problems the investigation just seems to be focused on the yet unnamed individual that was arrested.

There is not a lot known surrounding this current crisis Starbreeze is undergoing as it is a developing story. Rest assured though, that we will try to stay current with this story and keep everyone up to date as soon as we have more information.