A new game mode is coming to Epic’s popular Fortnite: Battle Royale very soon. In fact, some players will be able to try out the new Creative Mode as early as tomorrow, December 7th with the launch of Season 7. Everybody else will be able to play the new mode next week.

Think of the new Creative Mode as a much improved version of the existing Playground Mode. You will be able to move around your sandbox world – even fly if you wish – and place elements where you see fit with no restriction on the amount of materials you are carrying. If that sounds a bit similar to Minecraft then you have the right idea. You can build mini-games in your world and save them online for you to play in with your friends. You can apply different rules to your word like Deathmatch or Free Roam.

There will be an island in Creative Mode that acts as a sort of a hub to your own world as well as featured worlds from other players.

It seems that Fortnite’s new Creative Mode was intended to be announced at The Game Awards tomorrow but the news was leaked by a YouTuber known as Lachlan who was a beta tester and forgot about the terms for his disclosure agreement. His video has been removed but not before it was spotted and mirrored by the game’s community.

Those of you who purchased the Season 7 Battle Pack will be able to play Creative Mode by Thursday or Friday. All other players will be able to play the new mode next week.