In Loving Memory Lenwood Henegan aka KorXKalEl


We are lost for words here at Ticgamesnetwork. Our founder Lenwood Henegan aka KorXKalEl was a passionate gamer who loved the gaming community and his family. He loved Xbox and was one of Phil Spencer’s biggest fans. His dedication to tic will never be forgotten. Lenwood Henegan wanted to build a gaming platform that was non-bias with real options. For The Fans by The Fans. He wanted to let the gamers be the voice journalist and not the industry analyst. He put the fans and his team first. I learned so much from him. His sudden passing is devastating as we were working on some new plans. I want to let everyone know that we will carry TiC with KorXKalEl in mind The Inner Circle will always have him in the circle. Lenwood Henegan was my friend My Mentor and my business partner and someone who I deeply care about. I meet Lenwood when I was 16 years old, I use to hang out at the local GameStop and talk about RPG games. At this time of my life, I was homeless and sleeping in a vehicle with my family. I applied for a job at GameStop and the current manager didn’t like me he told me that I wasn’t GameStop material. I went to the store every day to show that I was. Lenwood was a 3rd key at the time and he advised the store manager to hire me. He showed me how to sell and become one of the best Game Advisers in the store. He invited me to his home to play Xbox 360  and we played Dead or Alive 4 on his new HDTV. His wife made us some chicken and red beans and rice and that food was snacking since I haven’t had a real meal in about 6 months. He has helped me with different projects over the years. He taught me how to tell stories in music and introduce me to creative writing. I am going to miss him so much. Our last conversation was heart-felt. I will not stop and never give up. Thank You so much for everything.

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