Ben Affleck has officially passed the torch on player Batman. Deadline has reported that the Matt Reeves helmed movie The Batman will not have Ben Affleck as the main character. The movie has changed gears and it seems the actor has realized a younger actor is needed for the role.

Personally I felt that he was one of the best actors to portray Batman. The gritty comic book accurate take is one of the best parts from the first phase of DC movies. At least we do have a release date for the upcoming movie. The Batman will be released on June 25th, 2012. The script is reportedly not going to have anything to do with Frank Millers Batman: Year One take on the Dark Knight.

Since we are going to have a fresh look at the character we might see the Court of Owls appear or one of the many villains that have been a throne in his side. Now we wait and hope that the right actor is found to take over the role.