The upcoming sequel to World War Z is looking like has stopped pre-production. Variety has reported that the films progress has halted to a full stop. Brad Pitt was set to return as Gerry Lane. This movie would also reunite the Fight Club star with director David Fincher, who directed Pitt in both Seven and Fight Club.

The reason given for this shut down was that the budget hadn’t been worked out yet. World War Z had the same issues during production. The budget for that film explored before it was released to a successful box office run, it grossed $540 million world-wide. Sadly we may not get a chance to see a second or even a third movie. Actually I thought the movie was awful and that the original material created by Max Brooks was better. Players looking forward to the World War Z game don’t have to worry, the game is still scheduled for release sometime this year for the Xbox One, PC, and PS4.