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EA Play 2020 Announced

Electronic Arts has announced EA Play Live 2020 set for June 11th at 4pm PT. The yearly livestream intended to exhibit EA’s upcoming titles will solely be a digital event this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s no surprise to see EA follow suite as the games industry has shifted all major events to remote livestreams and digital offerings.

What EA will have on display is still up in the air. Annualized titles such as Madden and FIFA are surely a lock for the show as well as the very popular Apex Legends. DICE has also announced that Battlefield fans will return to the series unique brand of destruction before the end of fiscal 2021 with new a game in the main series coming.

EA recently held an earnings call that eluded to some big titles on the horizon such as more ports for the Nintendo Switch to go along with the coming Switch version of Burnout Paradise Remastered. On top of this a mystery titled referred to as “EA HD” is also slated to launch by the end of fiscal 2021. Could this be the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster fans have been clamoring for.

And of course there’s always the potential for Anthem to show up again, with reports that BioWare was doubling down on the rocky release to have it rise from the ashes as other big name disappointments have this generation such as Rare’s Sea of Thieves and Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky. But BioWare’s most die-hard of fans will of course be wanting to get a glimpse of Dragon Age 4 seeing that it’s been over a year since the announcement trailer.

No matter what surprises EA has in store for gamers come June 11th, TiC will keep you updated.

Cam J.
Cam J.http://Ticgamesnetwork.com
Cam has been playing games since the age of 2 when he first took control of Chun-Li in Street Fighter II for the SNES. When he isn't enjoying lo-fi hip hop, cyberpunk media or some top-tier professional wrestling, you might be able to catch him in the Apex Games, doing his best e-sports athlete impression.

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