Wednesday, September 30, 2020


The PS5 Scalping Is Crazy

Today on I decide to look on eBay for PS5 listings. What sparked my interest in this talking about it was a the Hashtag #soldout...

Sony Playstation 5 Pre-Order Strategy Sloppy and Greedy?

The PlayStation showcase was an amazing show. But the pre-order info was really bad. They didn't say anything at the end of the show...

For The Fans By The Fans Convoz Chat 9/15/2020

Today I spoke to fans about what games they are excited about some people said there exited about the Oculus Quest 2 Some people said...

For The Fans By The Fans

My name is Mikiyah Bluestorm I have been with the TiCgamesnetwork since the company started in 2015. I started with the company being the...

Battletoads Review

Let me be absolutely upfront about this. I love beat-em-ups. Growing up I played through the likes of Streets of Rage 2, Final Fight...

A Genuine Reaction to the Xbox Games Showcase

I've got to say, gaming is not like many other mediums. It invokes strong emotions that  are currently noticeable around the internet. You can...

Apex Legends Gets Cross-Play

During last months EA Play event it was announced that Apex Legends would finally be integrating cross-play into it's matchmaking. The announcement came at a time...
Ubisoft Forward

Big Leaks Ahead of Ubisoft Forward

WARNING: This article contains spoilers related to Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion It's been a rough week in the lead-up to Ubisoft Forward. Big leaks...
Play Anime Event-TICGN

Bandai Namco Announces Play Anime Event.

Earlier today Bandai Namco announces the Play Anime Event. It goes without saying that many anime fans are gaming fans and many gaming fans...

Guess Which Sony Exclusive Sold The Most?

The Last Of Us 2 has managed to do something that no other game has done yet on the PlayStation 4 console - selling...