Welcome back to the weekly Inner Circle Affiliate Spotlight. Every week we will be featuring a different creator from the program. The Inner Circle Affiliate program features our personal favorite podcasts that we believe represent what gaming is all about. Gaming is fun, friends, learning and just a little bit of rivalry mixed all together. That being said check out our featured creators today. In this entry, we’re going to check out The Multiverse Show.

The Multiverse Show

Whether you are a fan of movies, gaming, or comics the Multiverse Show has you covered in all these topics. Featuring one of the most knowledgeable casts of different mediums, whether James is talking in depth about his passion for films, or when Ivan dons his tinfoil hat to tell some far fetched conspiracy theory about gaming or film. You will get all the fun and information you need from the Multiverse Show.!

In one of their closing episodes of last year, the Multiverse bros sat down and hammered out their Game of the Year list. In an intense episode filled with drama and betrayal, it is definitely worth a listen.

Multiverse Show Episode 114: Game of The Year 2018

The Multiverse Show goes live on Youtube every Monday night at 8pm EST, so be sure to check them out and broaden your listening horizons.

We have another spotlight piece coming later this week, stay tuned and don’t forget to check back for more of the latest gaming news and entertainment.