Earlier this year Microsoft released a new type of Xbox controller. This device is the Adaptive Controller – a product designed for people with mobility challenges to enjoy the worlds and stories that could only be found within the realms of video games. After all, if video games are truly intended to bring people together then there has to be a way for everyone to play them. It turns out that people are noticing Microsoft’s efforts as the Adaptive Controller has just won the Golden Joysticks Outstanding Achievement award.

“We continue to be moved by the recognition it has received, helping it to stand out as a true first-of-its-kind – in gaming and beyond,” said Xbox Program Manager Evelyn Thomas. Xbox was also lauded by the judges for the new inclusive Avatar system.

That wasn’t Microsoft’s only win from the Golden Joysticks this year. Forza Horizon 4 from PlayGround Games won an award for the Xbox Game of the Year.

When you look at the Xbox Adaptive Controller you can’t help but notice the two oversized buttons. They are extremely sensitive and even a light touch from a player’s chin or elbow is enough to register as a button press. The back of the device sports several 3.5mm audio jacks which players can use for their own joysticks, foot pedals or other devices intended for those with mobility issues. Any button on a regular Xbox One controller can be duplicated on the Adaptive Controller and existing input devices. If you want one you can find them at the Microsoft Store for an MSRP of $99 USD.