According to several threads on r/PS4, users on the PlayStation 4 are having their systems crash after received certain messages. These messages look to contain a couple of specific combinations of symbols which are causing hard crashes after the message has been displayed. As it appears these PS4 crashes are being caused by a particular message, for now the safest thing to do is simply not accept messages. While it may not be an elegant solution, it’s the best thing to do until Sony’s software engineers can deploy a hotfix.

How to stop receiving messages on your PS4: 
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Account Management
  • Go to Privacy Settings
  • Go to Messaging
  • Set your messages to Friends Only 

If your PlayStation 4 has already been affected by this, the recommended course of action is to do a full database rebuild. If you have received any messages from players you don’t know, go to and login there to delete them. Given the seriousness of the issue, be sure to share this information with any of your friends (or just as a general PSA). We’ll share any updates from Sony on this issue when they are released or when there are any other major developments on the situation.