Logo Welcome to the special Weekly Recap Double Double Edition: Nov 5th to Nov 17th! With X018 bringing enough news last week, we thought we would hold off on general news and bundle it all together for you in one place!  We’ve got a lot to go through, so buckle down and feed your brain with information! We’ve got some Back Compatibility news, anime coming to Netflix, Red Dead Redemption 2 sales, an extensive X018 Recap and so much more.  

Tom Clancy’s Warfare

Two new titles have been added to Xbox Back Compatibility, both Tom Clancy’s EndWar and H.A.W.X are making it’s way to Xbox One. EndWar is an RTS style game made for consoles, and is fairly decent for gameplay. H.A.W.X was a big hit for Air-To-Air combat fans, putting jet pilots and their dog fighting skills to the test.
Tom Clancy’s EndWar and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. Are Now Backward Compatible

4K Crackdown

Crackdown came back with fists swinging! The game received a nice Xbox One X enhancement giving it a nice resolution bump up to 4K. Crackdown was also free for a period of time, so if you snagged it up get ready for some demolition fun!
Crackdown is Free for a Limited Time

A Little Tease

Ninja Theory was acquired by Microsoft Studios earlier this year. Having a rumor swirl around that we may see their next project, is enticing. The creators of Enslaved and Hellblade (Just to name a couple out of their catalogue) are masters of game design, it’s exciting to know we may see what they are working on soon.
Ninja Theory’s Next Project Could Come in 2019

Strategy Guides No More

The long time and dependable strategy guide creator Prima Games is shutting down. This is a sad time for old school gamers, who relied on Prima for many years to provide astounding walkthroughs. They have created incredible hardcover books for most of the popular games out there. It is a sad, but inevitable situation as the world continues its course towards a pure digital age.
Prima Games Is Shutting Down

Recap Inside A Recap!

Did you miss out on what happened at #X018? Well look no further, as there is an entire recap of the vent for you to oggle at! Studio acquisitions, tons of Xbox Game Pass announcements, DLC updates and more!
Inside Xbox at X018 Recap

More Anime on Netflix? Yes Please!

Netflix has been fairly consistent in their support for new content. More so they have been entrusting studios to create anime series, such as Castlevania. Showing how popular Castlevania (and other shows) are, it seems to have set alight a spark in Netflix. There are five brand new Anime series coming to Netflix, and they all look really good!
Netflix Adds 5 New Original Anime Series


OK, let’s all be real here, this movie looks really good. Oddly enough Ryan Reynolds is a good fit for the role of Detective Pikachu! Seeing his previous roles in Deadpool though, it’s difficult to see such a blood thirsty anti-hero in the form of a little yellow fluff ball of lightning.
Detective Pikachu Gets A New Trailer Featuring Ryan Reynolds

An Incredible Service

Phil Spencer recently was asked an interesting question during #X018. Does Xbox Game Pass help sell more games? Simple answer, yes. More people are inclined to try the game first through Xbox Game Pass, and then end up purchasing the game after they try it. Check out the interview below!
Phil Spencer: Xbox Game Pass boosts game sales

A No Show

To literally everyone’s surprise, PlayStation let loose during an interview that they will not be attending E3 2019 or most events that happen that year. This is the first time in 24 years that PlayStation will not be attending the event. Is this because they showed too much, too early? Or are they building up for a very special solo event?
Breaking: PlayStation Will Not Attend E3 2019

Excelsior, Stan Lee

A hard blow was dealt to the entertainment industry, as Marvel creator Stan Lee passed away. His legacy will be remembered for many many years to come, as Marvel continues to grow as the legendary giant it is.
Stan Lee Has Died at 95 Years Old

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is less than a week away, so now it is better than ever to pick up that game you may have been holding out on. Xbox announced their Black Friday sale, bringing with it a slew of incredible discounts for some really major games. Check it out while the sale lasts!
Xbox Black Friday 2018 Deals Have Been Announced

A Pure Digital Console?

With the current generation of consoles coming to an end soon, rumors have been abound for both PlayStation and Xbox on what they are working on. recently a rumor has surfaced that Xbox is working on a Disc-less Xbox One S SKU. This makes sense for owners who have a mostly digital library, but will it come at a price drop?
Rumor: Microsoft Is Building a Disc-Less Xbox One
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