Vikendi is the latest map that will be coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds later next week. While the map has been available to play on the PTS server both on PC and console, it appears the map is ready for full release. Today announced on their forums, the Vikendi map will be available on live servers as of January 22nd for all platforms. The last map added to PUBG was the “mini royale” map Sanghok which was released back on June 22nd, 2018.

Vikendi Gameplay Trailer

Along with this new map players will get to kill and fight their way through an all new battle pass which will be called “Survivor Pass: Vikendi.” Like in previous passes, players will complete challenges to unlock new cosmetic items as well as weapon skins for their characters. The survivor pass will retail for $9.99 USD, and will also offer the ability to skip levels of the pass for a cost. However, the developers have teased that there will be over 300 missions for players to complete in order to earn all the great gear being offered.

“Survivor Pass missions are specifically designed to help you progress your skills, while earning the Pass XP you need to unlock your rewards. Plow your way through enough missions, and you’ll find yourself a cold-blooded expert of the battlegrounds in no time. From simple tasks tailored for players just starting out, to grit-testing challenges for our more seasoned veterans, Survivor Pass missions will raise the stakes for all to enjoy.”
With more details to come next week, it may just be the time to drop back in to PUBG and get ready for the newest map and missions ahead.
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