Over the past weekend, arcade champion Billy Mitchell had lost all of his video game records. These records were from older video games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.  After a long and intense investigation into the use of a fraudulent game board, the Twin Galaxies Administration that oversees the various records had concluded that Billy Mitchell did cheat. We reported on the fact that Guinness World Records had also taken down his awarded records. Mr. Mitchell has finally released his words on the matter. Watch the statement below:

At this point we are just going to have to go on with our day and put this matter behind us. Not much can really be done with the statement that Billy Mitchell has given. He hasn’t shown any evidence to back his side and as some have said (myself included), “It’s just a video game”. Go out and enjoy your PS4, PC, Switch, mobile device, or Xbox One. Play with integrity and always have fun doing it.