Today, DICE revealed the roadmap of Battlefield V DLC and updates coming over the next several months. This new roadmap sees the Battlefield V Battle Royale mode delayed until March 2019.

Here’s the new Battlefield V roadmap:
Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Delayed Until March 2019Some more information from DICE on the Battlefield V roadmap:

As the Tides of War journey kicks off, each of its chapters will evolve and expand the battlefield. What will this mean to you as a player? Starting off in broad terms, below is what you can look forward to post-launch.

Evolving Gameplay: Thrilling ways of experiencing Battlefield V will be added through fresh Fortifications, and Reinforcements. Iconic WW2 hardware like vehicles, weapons, and gadgets will also be added.

New Experiences: Play through a new single-player War Story dubbed The Last Tiger, co-op with a friend in Combined Arms, do battle royale the Battlefield way in Firestorm, experience new game modes and Grand Operations, and hone your skills in the upcoming Practice Range.

An Expanding World: You’ll get to deploy on fresh maps as chapters bring new battlefields. Shortly after launch, this starts with Belgium and the Panzerstorm map with tank-focused gameplay, expanding to the battlefields of Greece – and the journey will continue.

Game Improvements: Quality of life updates will regularly improve Battlefield V, fix bugs, and balance the game.

While it may be disappointing to players the Battle Royale mode won’t be available at launch, it looks like there will be a lot of stuff coming in the months after launch to look forward to. The Battlefield V Gamescom trailer gave us a small tease of what the Battle Royale mode would look like, which you can view here. Battlefield V was originally scheduled to release on October 19th. It has since been delayed to November 20th, and will release on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.