With over 35+ Team-Ups available in-game, it can sometimes be very difficult to decide which ones to unlock with your hard-earned Eternity Splinters. Especially since there is no way to lookup their skills and abilities in-game until AFTER you buy them. This list seeks to remedy that problem, as I will let you know which Team-Ups are the absolute best ones to invest in and why. Here’s a look at the top 5 must have Team-Ups in Marvel Heroes 2016.


#5 – Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is probably the best overall/utility Team-Up available. As a tank, she is capable of taunting enemies and drawing their attention away from you, while also piling on the damage with her fists. But what makes her special is her Cratering Stomp ability, which has her leaping into the air and coming down with enough force to create a small crater; this alone doesn’t sound like much, but when she makes this crater it also draws all nearby enemies to her. This is more useful than it sounds, and you’ll come to appreciate it greatly. Most heroes have a handful of AOE attacks, so having your foes all together in one spot makes it very easy to tear them down. Jessica Jones is best used in Patrols.


#4 – Wolverine

Everyone loves Wolverine. His ferocity and combat experience are what set him apart from many other heroes. In Marvel Heroes, he’s pretty useful, especially for heroes who have access to abilities that cause enemies to bleed. One ability makes Wolverine a perfect match for such heroes: Thirst for Blood. This passive ability makesĀ  his Eviscerate ability deal 20% additional damage if the enemy is bleeding, and Eviscerate already deals a massive amount! Pair Wolverine with a hero who can cause bleeding, and you will be literally tearing your opposition apart! Best used in Cosmic Trial, Patrols, and Danger Room.


#3 – Coulson

Often touted as the single best DPS Team-Up in the game, he’s actually very niche and best used in Terminals. His kit is very basic, as one would expect from someone without superpowers. His abilities include rolling grenades which set enemies on fire when detonated, the massive Destroyer gun that deals a load of Energy damage, and the ability to call two different SHIELD agents to assist you. So really, you are getting 3 minions in 1 when you buy Coulson. Coulson can be purchases with 2000 OMEGA Files in Avengers Tower.


#2 – Clea

Clea is basically a re-skinned Doctor Strange Team-up, but her animations are a little faster; this results in better DPS overall. She has many of the same abilities Doctor Strange does, including Daggers of Daveroth, Flames of the Faltine, Seal of the Vishanti, and Vapors of Valtorr. Seal of the Vishanti provides great combat bonuses to all who stand inside the seal when it’s placed on the ground., like +840 Defense Rating, +1,049 Health, +360 Damage Rating, and +5% Move and Attack Speed. These are insane buffs that should never be ignored! Clea is a great choice to bring along in Raids or the Danger Room.


#1 – Pirate Deadpool

Pirate Deadpool is probably the single most used Team-Up in the game. You will see him almost EVERYWHERE while playing, as he is the best Team-Up in the game, and VERY easy to get; and FREE to boot! His kit includes great single target options, AOE options, a bleed, and a power that stops enemies for a brief period. This ability, called Server Lag, also works on bosses! Best used in Cosmic Trial, Patrols, the Danger Room, and Raids.