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Sunday, January 20, 2019
Xbox One User Retention

Xbox One User Retention Is Key Heading Into E3 2018

When gaming aficionados discuss the current console generation, one of the talking points will be Microsoft’s thumping this generation at the hands of Sony’s PlayStation 4. The PS4 has...
Gears Tactics Xbox

Gears Tactics Needs to Come to Xbox

There is no doubt in my mind that Xbox had an absolutely great E3 conference. They addressed a lot of issues that their core audience had spoken up about and...
PlayStation E3 2018 Predictions

PlayStation E3 2018 Predictions

Here it is! With only a week left before the PlayStation E3 2018 conference, Nicholas and I are here to give our thoughts on just what we'll see. While...

Telltale Games Formula Is Perfect For Xbox Game Pass

There is a very strong argument that Xbox Game Pass may be the best value in gaming. For about $10 per month you can download and play over 150...
Black Clover-TICGN

Is The Black Clover Anime Worth Watching Now?

With 49 episodes released so far, it appears that anime fans are still not watching Black Clover. Why? Well, I believe the answer is quite simple - the first...
God of War

God Of War: A Series That Grew With Me

God of War is no doubt a pillar in the PlayStation catalog of amazing first party titles the company has made over its almost 25 years on the market. With...
Games That Would Be Amazing on the Nintendo Switch

Five Games That Would Be Amazing on the Nintendo Switch

With the upcoming release of Warframe on the Nintendo Switch and Fortnite just releasing a few weeks before that, I've been left to ponder: what other surprise announcements could...
QuakeCon 2018, Quake, Con, Convention, Bethesda

My Weekend at QuakeCon 2018: A Kevin’s Tale

First-timers take on QuakeCon 2018

MoviePass changes their subscription plan again – and it’s pretty good

The beleaguered MoviePass has changed the terms of its subscription plan yet again in a desperate bid for the company's survival. You may think that previous sentence was hyperbole...
Cross Progression Gaming

Cross Progression: The Future of Online Gaming?

Cross-play has been a huge topic of discussion in the past few weeks. This was triggered by Xbox and Nintendo partnering up for cross-play with Epic Games juggernaut Fortnite. With...