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My Top 8 Most Anticipated anime for the spring season-TICGN

My Top 8 Most Anticipated anime for the Spring season

What a wild ride we had with the current winter season of anime series like The Promised Neverland, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Domestic Girlfriend and more. Now...
Fruits Basket-TICGN

New Fruits Basket Trailer Released Before Debut

A new trailer has released for the reboot of the Fruits Basket anime that's slated to release in April in Japan. In the trailer, you get to see more...
Fire Force-TICGN

Fire Force Anime Gets a Premiere Date and Trailer

The Fire Force anime has received a brand new trailer. The trailer shows off the rest of the Fire Brigade of Company 8. Of course, if you didn't know...
Dragon Ball FighterZ-TICGN

Goku GT Joins the Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster

A new fighter has jumped onto the Dragon Ball FighterZ scene, and it's none other Kid Goku from the Dragon Ball GT universe. Kid Goku will feature his power...
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU-TICGN

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season 3 Announced

Guess what's returning for another season, that's right you guessed it My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU . My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is based on the light novel My Youth...
Stranger Things

The Trailer is Here for Stranger Things Season 3

The first full trailer for the third season of Stranger Things is now here. These kids are growing up so fast now. Just watch the trailer and see for...
Bungo Stray Dogs-TICGN

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 3 Trailer Released

As we all know the third season for Bungo Stray Dogs was announced. Now we finally get a new trailer that shows off what fans can expect from the...

BEASTARS Anime Gets a New Trailer

A new anime has been announced called BEASTARS. The series will be handled by studio Orange. You may know them from their work on series such as Black Bullet,...
Dr. Stone-TICGN

Dr. Stone Anime Gets a New Visual

We finally get some news regarding the popular Shonen Dr. Stone. Ever since Jump Festa fans of the series have been wondering exactly when will the series come out?...
Toy Story 4

Watch the Full Toy Story 4 Trailer Today

The first full trailer for Toy Story 4 has landed today. Fans finally get to see what new adventures these toys will be getting into. It looks like Disney...