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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Funimation Brings 300 Shows Since Split With Crunchyroll

Funimation has announced that it will be adding 300 Sub shows to it's catalog since the split with Crunchyroll. That's right 300! These 300 shows will be added starting November...
The Promised Neverland-TICGN

The Promised Neverland Anime First TV Ad

The Promised Neverland anime has received it's very first television ad. The anime is scheduled to come out during the winter season in January. Studio Cloverworks is the studio...
Dr. Stone-TICGN

Dr. Stone Manga Teases an Important Announcement

Notable manga authors Riichirou Inagaki (Eyeshield 21) and Boichi (Sun-Ken Rock) are teasing an important announcement regarding Dr. Stone that will be made in issue 51 of the...
Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu Gets A New Trailer Featuring Ryan Reynolds

Warner Bros. have dropped a brand new trailer for the upcoming film Detective Pikachu. This film features the legendary Pokémon Pikachu (and other Generation One Pokémon) in a brand...

Unity and Short Films – TICGN @ Unite LA 2018

Unite LA is a developer event that reveals the latest on goings in the realm of Unity. This year we were fortunate enough to get a ticket...

The Grinch Steals the Box Office This Weekend

This weekend, the animated film The Grinch took the top spot at the box office. Yet this news isn't something that gets me excited. News of how well Venom...
Jump Force-TICGN

Golden Frieza, SSB Vegeta Confirmed For Jump Force

If you recall to our previous article, we spoke about the rumor that Golden Frieza will be in Jump Force. During Xbox's recent X018 event they shared a small...

Netflix Adds 5 New Original Anime Series

During a recent event Netflix announced that it will be adding five new anime titles. Three will be created by Japanese studios. What are these titles? Well for starters one will...
Dragon Ball Super: Broly Film-TICGN

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Film Gets It’s Final Trailer Before Release

The Dragon Ball Super: Broly film gets one last trailer before its release on December 14th in Japan. The trailer is full of action with the three saiyans guided...
My Hero: One's Justice-TICGN

Inasa Yoarashi to be included in My Hero: One’s Justice

The Master of Wind from Shiketsu High School - Inasa Yoarashi - will be joining the My Hero: One's Justice roster as a downloadable character. Inasa will be available for...